Sometimes life can get a little messy.  We know that when that sometimes occurs, you have it in you to be able to set it back right!  Blaise Alexander Chevrolet works with the local and national lenders to be able to offer a wide range of financial products that may best suit your needs.  Whether you're a first-time buyer, regular shopper, or if your credit just needs a little dusting off, we have the tools that can help.

Can I still get a car loan if I have a poor credit score?

Yes you can. Our dealership works closely with a number of different lenders that provide financing on new and used vehicles for customers with a wide set of credit scores. Whether you have bad credit or are just now building your credit, our finance department can help you work with you to find an option for a new or used vehicle that meets your budget. Give us a call for more information about auto financing and approvals or complete our online credit application here on our website.

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What is Guaranteed Credit Approval?

A credit score isn’t the only way to get a new vehicle. We want to ensure you are able to check out a collection of options to find a new vehicle no matter your credit score or credit history. Guaranteed credit approval takes a look at your current financial situation to figure out what type of vehicle or loan is realistic for you and isn't inhibited by your credit score for an approval.

I had a repossession or bankruptcy in the past, am I still able to get a new vehicle?

Having a bankruptcy or losing your vehicle to a repossession in the past will not disqualify you from getting a new vehicle now. Our dealership works closely with a variety of different auto financing sources that will present you with different options for financing on a new car. No matter your situation we will do all that we can to get you a new vehicle at a price that is affordable.

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I am upside down on my current vehicle, can I still trade it in?

If you currently owe more than your vehicle is worth, that does not mean you have to wait till it's paid off to trade it in for a newer vehicle. Our friendly team can look at your current vehicle with you and present options to work with your current loan to get you a new vehicle. Find Your Vehicle